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Bridesmaid Hairstyles, New Year Look For Wedding

Being a bridesmaid in a family or friend’s wedding is an honor and a responsibility. It’s such a great time to share those precious romantic memories. Maybe your bridal friend has already her little exciting heart set on you wearing a certain chiffon purple bridesmaid dress to match her purple wedding theme, obviously this dress may not your type, however, at least you can still choose a super-cute and flattering hairstyle to wear on her big day.

Here are several most in beautiful hairstyles that would make fun choices; which would make your bridal style much more elegant and graceful.

Dreampurple UK Bridesmaid Hairstyle

Loose curls are one of bridesmaids’ favorite hairstyles on the big day because they’re easy, not very time consuming and always look great, no matter what silhouette you choose. Waves are a great feature to show off, especially if you have lots of them coming off from one side for an alternative Updo look. Add a pretty hair accessories to add your own personal touch of romantic whimsy!

Dreampurple UK Bridesmaid Hairstyle

Look romantic and glamorous in your bridesmaid dress with a beautiful half up curly hairstyle! For these particular looks for long hair, use your curling wand to create long loose tendrils that flow down your back with ease. Simply take a small section of curls and use bobby pins to secure them in the back. Tease your bangs a little to create extra volume and a nice contrast for the long flowing curls.

Dreampurple UK bridal hairstyle

This easy vintage hairstyle for a curly and cute bridesmaid look is all about keeping things easy and breezy. This is a no fail hairstyle you can easily do at home! Simply add some loose wavy to your ends and pin up some of your hair in the back creating extra volume. This is a great look for a spring or summer outdoor wedding.

Dreampurple.co.uk hope you all can enjoy your Happy New Year!